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Mobility Report from the SIDS project at Primary School “Goce Delcev” Prilep (24-30.03.2019)

Monday (the first day) 25.03 

The first meeting with the guests from the partner schools from Romania, Italy, Turkey, the school was realized in a very pleasant atmosphere. All guests arrived at school on time. They were honored with a traditional Macedonian custom – a pie and salt by a pupil and a student dressed in a traditional folk Macedonian costume.
Then, in honor of the guests, musical performances of popular songs from the partner countries were prepared, which contributed to mutual cultural acquaintance through the sounds of music as a universal thread of connecting people.
The guests were received by the school principal and were introduced to him by the material-technical conditions for the work in the school, with the creation of the teaching process, with the involvement in the project activities and their realization, with the achievements and achievements of the students in different teaching and extracurricular activities.

Then the guest teachers and students from the partner schools had the opportunity to follow the presentation for the school that was prepared by the students with the support of the teachers from the SIDS team at the school through which they were introduced to the organization of the work of our school with the strategies of teaching and learning, as well as with the manner of realization of the extracurricular activities and the participation of the students in them.
Through discussion and clarification questions, a constructive discussion was developed to inform, meet, compare different aspects of education in partner countries.

A great interest and joyous familiarity caused the activity that symbolically depicted the connection of students from different European countries through a game of adding a bunch with a thread among the students who, in a mixed order, were arranged in a circle and, with the addition of the cluster among themselves, presented the connection of the students from different nations and cultures. It was the first introductory activity of introducing all students present on the mobility of partner countries.

By random choice with equal representation by gender and country, the students were divided into two groups and participated in two joint workshops through which they built skills for positive communication and developed the creative abilities through joint art activities – drawing windows on windows in the school hall.

The teachers from all partner schools at the working meeting shared their experiences from the realization of the activities between the two meetings. The teachers summarized the implementation of the activities between the two meetings, agreed on and agreed on the ways of monitoring, recording and displaying the acquired knowledge in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in educational practice.

Through Power Point presentations and videos prepared by pupils for their own countries, students were introduced to the characteristics of member countries as well as their various cultural features and values.

The school hosted themselves in front of the mobility guests with a rich traditional program prepared by students from different age groups. Through the program, through the music-stage performance and traditional costume design, specific elements of the Macedonian folk culture and tradition were presented creatively.

The event was attended by a large number of parents and invited guests from various structures in the local environment.

Tuesday (second day) 26.03

Realizing an hour of team instruction
The general goal of this class was to train students to recognize and understand the importance of the role of the Home as a driving force of life. The lesson in block hours was carried out through team teaching in the ninth grade where activities of four subjects were integrated: Macedonian language, German language, art education, music education.
Teaching units that were realized at this hour were: processing of the song “My home” (Macedonian language); creating simple sentences for incentives (German); singing a song about the home (music education); art harmony – drawing on the topic “Home” (art education).

The main teaching strategy of the class was active learning
The evaluation of the lesson pointed to the following advantages of team teaching
• Intellectually more effective and efficient work by students
• High student motivation – positive attitude of students towards themselves and others
• Dynamic change in the form and manner of work that has kept the attention of the students, the curiosity, creativity and creative activities of the groups were developed.
Students observe the work of their classmates and, through collaborative activities, joint discussions about the procedures and ways of work come to a conclusion.
• Collaboration in an integrated way of working helps the student discover the connection of phenomena in life … They learn to discover by watching, listening, researching and analyzing the results achieved.
Students observe the work of their classmates and, through collaborative activities, joint discussions about the procedures and ways of work come to a conclusion.
• Collaboration in an integrated way of working helps the students discover the connection of phenomena in life … They learn to discover by watching, listening, researching and analyzing the results achieved.
The activities in the drama club were realized through a joint workshop in which students designed traditional props as part of a set design for a traditional drama. Through these activities they had the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional objects and traditional features of the Macedonian cultural tradition.
Students in mixed groups from partner schools played friendly volleyball matches in the school gym. In a cheerful and recreational atmosphere, the students were socializing and doing sports.

Wednesday (third day) 27.03

The students and teachers made a visit to important sights near the town of Prilep: Museum of tobacco, monastery St. Archangel Michael in Varos, Markovi Kuli. They had the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional occupations, traditional buildings and historical sites, and could also make panoramic photographs of the city from locations that provided a view of the city from a height.

The students also visited the historical recreational site in the town of Mogila of the Invincible where they had the opportunity to get information about historical events from the period of the Second World War, to explore the park and to recreate the attractive sports grounds within the park.

The representatives from the partner schools had a reception with the Mayor in the Municipality, and then in the City Library they had a meeting with representatives from the Bureau for Development of Education and the State Educational Inspectorate. At these meetings they had the opportunity to learn more about the organization and organization of the Macedonian education system, as well as to ask questions and to discuss the specifics of primary and secondary education in the partner countries of the project.

The teachers through the workshop realized activities for coordinating the activities for the next period – planning and organizing the final activities of the project (monitoring, evaluation, impact, risks). They had the opportunity through a presentation by a school teacher who is the Ambassador of the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility to get acquainted with the new e-twinning platform.

Thursday (Thursday)   28.03

A visit to the city of Ohrid was realized with the preliminary preparation of the groups of students for research team teaching in the subjects: History, English language and technical education. They were introduced to new geographical terms, the characteristics of the old Macedonian architecture and the significant features of archaeological sources and sites in the city of Ohrid and its vicinity. They visited: the monastery of St. Naum in and the sights in the Old Town. Bitola was visited by the memorial house of Kemal Ataturk.

Friday (fifth day) 29.03

The final activity from the research team teaching was realized at an hour in the school where the students made a model of an old Macedonian house.
The workshop titled “In eco garden” was realized by students with group work when, by mutual agreement, they decorated a wooden table in the school eco garden with written e-mails from each family partner in the project. With great love they planted a tree of friendship that symbolizes long-standing further cooperation and friendship and respect for friendship.

In the next activities, students and teachers brought their opinions and impressions about mobility through their answers in questionnaires for evaluation.

For all participants, certificates for the presence of mobility were prepared and awarded.
In the afternoon, the representatives from the school host introduced the guests from partner schools with different parts of the city through a city-wide walk, chat and information. By doing this, they developed language skills, enriched the vocabulary, enhanced the knowledge of the English language.

(On shared lunches organized by the host school, interactive communications were realized, experiences were exchanged and linguistic skills were developed. Evening was spent in joint meetings and celebrations).

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